Why Invest in InSitu Biologics?

The Financial Opportunity

As many of you know, post-operative pain treatment is dominated by opiates, with 95% of patients receiving opiates for pain management. Only one non-opioid, sustained-release drug for post-operative pain management has been cleared by the FDA. That drug is EXPAREL. However, many clinical shortcomings and unmet needs have been reported in peer-reviewed, published journal articles, which represent a significant opportunity for InSitu Biologics.

Based on our Pre-Clinical studies comparing AnestaGel to EXPAREL, we believe AnestaGel represents the product everyone wants, with the potential outcomes they expect from a sustained release drug.

There are 42 million surgical procedures completed on humans annually in the US that require post-operative pain management. This equates to a total annual opportunity greater than $13B.


1  CMS reimbursement code C9290 – $1.22/mg = $311

The Opportunity to Make an Impact

This is your opportunity to help make an impact on the National Opioid Epidemic – a devastating national issue that claims the lives of roughly 115 Americans every day.40% of all overdose deaths involve a prescription opioid, and the CDC reports that even a one-day prescription can lead to long-term abuse, which is why it is imperative that we commercialize our opioid-free sustained-release pain management product (Anestagel™) so post-surgical patients have a viable option to avoid opioid use.

NOW is Your Chance

We are currently cleared by the SEC to offer 50,000 shares at a share price of $8.20 in the fifth tier of our Regulation A+ offering.

We intend to close our current offering by November 30, 2019 which allows interested parties to make final investments into Insitu Biologics prior to us migrating to a more traditional Regulation D offering which will only be open to institutions and funds with deep pools of money who can invest large amounts of capital needed to conduct human clinical trials.

You can find all of the information regarding our investment opportunity here, and please email info@insitubiologics.com with your questions.

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