Stock Offering Reopens: Wednesday, January 30th 12PM EST

I hope this note finds you off to a great 2019.

We are pleased to announce that InSitu Biologics Stock Offering will again open on Wednesday, January 30th at noon eastern for one week.

The government shutdown resulted in the SEC being closed. That has now created a backlog of companies for the SEC to review and InSitu Biologics new proposed share price is in that backlog. We hope to announce our new price within a couple months, but hope is not a plan.

The good news for investors is that we will be accepting new investments at the same $6.90 per share price beginning Wednesday, January 30th 12PM EST through Tuesday, February 5th 12PM EST. To reserve your shares now or to invest after noon on the 30th, simply click this link:

The current market capitalization for InSitu Biologics is $33.7 million, with our share price and amount of shares sold since July as follows:

  • Tier 1: $5.75 Share Price – Sold 275,661 Shares
  • Tier 2: $6.85 Share Price – Sold 42,666 Shares
  • Tier 3: $6.90 Share Price – Sold 94,775 Shares (open Jan. 30th – Feb. 5th)
  • Tier 4: TBD Share Price (opens after upcoming SEC clearance)

We are completing numerous pre-clinical studies, and Phase 1 AnestaGel manufacturing. We expect to have our first meeting with the FDA in the near future to discuss our Phase 1 human clinical study.

Thank you for taking the time to view our materials and better understand this opportunity. Consider becoming a Shareholder of InSitu Biologics by making an investment here starting Wednesday, January 30th at 12PM EST.

As always, I am available for questions, comments, and feedback.

Jim Segermark
InSitu Biologics

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