INSB200 contains the anesthetic ropivacaine, encapsulated in a proprietary lipid and hydrogel carrier. INSB200 is designed as a single-injection nerve block releasing the ropivacaine slowly at the nerve site, stretching its pain-killing efficacy to 72+ hours.

Product Performance

» Single-injection for nerve block
» 72+ hour duration
» Ropivacaine as active drug
» Fast recovery of motor function
» Quick patient discharge time
» Minimal risk of infection

Competitive Advantages

» Disruptive technology addressing a true unmet need
» Reduces overall opioid consumption
» Favorable regulatory environment
» Established reimbursement pathway
» Strong intellectual property position
» Experienced management team and premium manufacturing partners

InSitu Biologics is currently in the investigational pre-clinical stage.
INSB200 is not yet for sale in any geography.