InSitu Biologics Update: Stock Reopen, Animal Market, Upcoming Events

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Animal Care Market Opportunity

We have begun discussions for exclusive worldwide licensing of AniGel for the Animal Care market. AniGel is our post-operative, sustained release formulation that can be used for pets of all sizes, from the smallest of cats and dogs to the Budweiser Clydesdale’s. The annual pet care market is estimated at over $130 billion and forecasted to steadily grow through 2025. Our website has more information on the opportunity and a peer-reviewed study of AniGel (AnestaGel) compared head to head with the only product for animals on the market today, Nocita, (Exparel from Pacira).

Offering Update

We are pleased to announce a 2:1 Share Split, and that we have Qualification from the SEC to sell our shares at the price of $8.00 per share. If you are not familiar with a 2:1 Share Split, that means you have two shares for each share you previously had, now at a price of $8, as opposed to the same number of shares at $16. The Market Capitalization of InSitu Biologics is now approximately 74.5 million. This is calculated by multiplying the Total Shares in the Company (9,311,51) by the Share Price of $8.00. We are currently offering 50,000 shares at $8 per share.

Company Progress

We are building a pilot scale manufacturing line. Without a human hand touching our Product, we will mix all the ingredients, pump them through a pipe, and fill syringes. While everything in that process remains sterile. When this is completed and fully validated for Human Use, which has its challenges, we will be ready to begin our Phase I Clinical Study. We will provide an update on that timing at the end of Q2 2019.

Our 2018 audit by Baker Tilly Virchow Krause nears completion and will be filed in an update with the SEC. In the meantime, you can find our offering in the link below: 

Upcoming Events

We will be hosting Prospective Investor Events in NJ on 3/28, Naples, FL on 4/8 and 4/9, NYC on 4/18, and NYC again on 5/9. Please go to our website to learn more, or contact me and I will send you or your interested contact an invitation. Our events can also be found at: /

Thank you for your investment and continued interest. Please share our story.

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