LIVE Webcast// Hot Topics: Drugs for a fracture? July 28th 9PM EST / 6PM PST

Broken Bones Hurt!
InSitu Biologics is pleased to have Dr. Daniel Sipple, DO, F.A.B.M.R., D.A.B.P.M., join us this Sunday evening at 8pm CST to talk about how fractures are medically treated. Pediatric fractures peak from ages 10-14, and overall 20% of people from birth to nineteen will break at least one bone. A fracture in an elderly person can be the sentinel event that leads to a rapid decline in general health. The use of opiates is not the standard of care for treating the resulting pain.

So… what is the standard of care for pain from a broken bone?  Join us and find out.
Update: This webinar date has passed, however, the recording is available for you to view here:

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