Peri-Operative, Non-Opioid,
Pain Control

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InSitu Biologics is currently in the investigational pre-clinical stage.
INSB200 is not yet for sale in any geography.

InSitu Biologics

About Us

InSitu Biologics is an emerging biotech company focusing on development of INSB200, an opioid-free long-lasting product for peri-operative pain control. InSitu’s mission is to avoid exposing surgical patients to opioids by using a disruptive technology to address this unmet need. INSB200 is a single-injection nerve block containing the anesthetic ropivacaine that is designed for pain-killing efficacy for 72+ hours.

InSitu Biologics

Our Products

INSB200 contains the anesthetic ropivacaine, encapsulated in a proprietary carrier. It provides surgery patients with a non-opioid, extended-release pain control solution.

InSitu Biologics
InSitu Biologics

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