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Multi-Phase, Localized, Extended-Release Treatment of Pain, Cancer & Infection

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InSitu Biologics is currently in the investigational pre-clinical stage.
Products are not yet for sale in any geography.

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InSitu Biologics Announces License Agreement with Mayo Clinic

About Us

InSitu Biologics is an emerging biotech company focused on development of a multi-phase prolonged release drug delivery platform for localized treatment of pain, cancer, and infection. We use disruptive technology to address unmet needs in the pain management and drug delivery markets.

Our Products

INSB200 ™ is an extended-release pain control solution focused on peri-operative pain management.

INSB400™ is an early-development product focused on local delivery of cancer drugs with a precise elution rate over a pre-programmed period of time.

InSitu Biologics

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