InSitu Announces that Hutchins to Lead Study of Breakthrough Pain Product, AnestaGel™

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA — InSitu Biologics, LLC (“InSitu” or “the Company”), an emerging drug delivery company focusing on development of new and proprietary treatments using its Matrix™ BioHydrogel, today announced the appointment of Dr. Jacob Hutchins, Director of the Regional Anesthesia Acute Pain and Ambulatory Surgery division at the University of Minnesota, as the Pre-Clinical Study Director for their lead product, AnestaGel™.

AnestaGel uses a novel approach to delivering sustained-released analgesics into the target tissue via the Matrix, which is a tunable, biocompatible, and pH neutral platform. This allows AnestaGel to provide target site-specific, non-migratory placement, a flexible and high dose drug-load reservoir capacity, and a tunable and predictable pharmacological effect. Pre-clinical feasibility and dosing studies suggest AnestaGel delivers more analgesic effect to the site, sooner than Exparel® and provides longer lasting pain relief than Exparel.

“Based on the pre-clinical feasibility and dosing studies already completed, we are fairly certain that AnestaGel could represent a quantum leap forward in the delivery of non-opioid, regional pain relief, when compared to the products available today,” said Dr. Hutchins. “I am pleased to be a part of this program and look forward to being involved in the critical steps that can bring this very important product to market.”

The Company expects to partner with a leading healthcare provider in the coming months, and will be presenting the opportunity to the market at the Partnerships Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD) event in Boston, October 27th and 28th. The Company believes that AnestaGel could be used in three distinct markets for peri-operative pain management that represent nearly $31 billion in annual revenue in the US.

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